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Eikonix Ltd


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Eikonix offers an unrivalled choice of systems and products for those working in the fields of gel documentation, colony counting and zone measuring, cell analysis, fluorescence imaging, scanning, live cell counting, stem cell research, and life science consumables and equipment. 

The aim of eikonix is to be the ‘go to’ destination when looking for scientific digital imaging and ancillary products. The company is built on the back of a strong team of experts who have many years of experience in the field of imaging for scientific applications and life science laboratories.


The company is dedicated to serving the scientific markets with an extensive range of innovative, technological products supported by highly skilled and knowledgeable people who put the customer first. The strong customer support and service culture within the company encourages repeat business and builds high customer satisfaction levels. The business is built on its reputation in the market place and the ability to assist customers whatever their needs.


The eikonix headquarters is based in Cambridge at the prestigious St John’s Innovation Centre. The team is drawn from experts in the fields of sales, marketing and development with skills and contacts gained from working in the industry for many years. Indeed the core of the team was instrumental in the development and eventual commercialisation of the world’s first gel documentation system which went onto critical acclaim and was sold extensively throughout the world. The team has also been closely involved in the development of products for protein detection.


The company is growing rapidly both in the UK and global markets as more people discover the unique products and top quality service eikonix offer.



Gel Documentation Systems


The range of gel documentation and analysis systems for DNA gels, protein gels and Western blots covers inexpensive entry level devices up to high end multiplex and Western blot imaging models. These compact, beautifully designed systems cover all needs from basic gel imaging right through to multi-channel coloured image capture. 

This impressive and wide range of products includes a novel unit for use with a Smartphone, and a newly introduced chemiluminescence only device.


Automatic Colony Counters and Zone Measuring systems


The Scan range of automatic colony counters for microbiology, quality control, food, water, hygiene and clinical research are the best in the industry. The user can choose from a wide range of automated colony counters and inhibition zone readers that are simple to use and give rapid results at the click of a button. These exceptional systems can handle all counting or measuring needs whatever the application. Any of these systems will increase throughput times and improve process accuracy.


Stem Cell Research


Eikonix now offer high quality stem cell research products including kits, culture medium, reagents, antibodies, buffers, solutions and cell lines.  The Stemmera range of products are reliable and of high quality. Stemmera’s mission is to provide simplified tools for stem cell researchers at an affordable price, which makes bench work easier, simpler and more efficient.


Fluorescence imaging, microscopy and scanning


The company can supply a wide range of fluorescent LED lighting, microscopes and CCD cameras for microscopy as well as slide scanners and live cell imaging.
A number of innovations for fluorescence microscopy include epi-fluorescence illumination and new microscopes for us in the fields of immunofluorescence and microbiology.
Alternatively, if working in histology or pathology then rapid scanning of slides is essential. New advances in desktop systems now open this technology up to a wider audience who ask for faster scanning and high quality imaging at a price they can afford.
For Live Cell Imaging thee is a wide range of chambers and top-stage incubators for microscopes.


Eikonix Lab Store


The eikonix lab store offers an extensive range of products for the life science laboratory covering instrumentation such as thermal cyclers, sample concentrators and microcentrifuges along with reagents and consumables.


St John's Innovation Centre
Cowley Road
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 1223 515440
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