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We have designed this site to give both Contract Testing Laboratories and Laboratory Suppliers a one-stop-platform to showcase their business and services. This part of the site has been included to give you a place to announce your company news, whether it’s a new staffing appointment, your latest press release or other new developments. If you are not a member of one of our Directories but feel you have news that would interest our demographic, please email us at news@networkscientific.co.uk.

Nucleic Acid & Protein Quantitation in the Microplate Format

August 22nd 2018

Learn about Nucleic Acid and Protein quantitation in the Microplate Format from the experts at BioTek, global leader in life science instrumentation.

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Think Possible with BioTek

August 21st 2018

Lab Unlimited is pleased to show BioTek Instruments - global leader in life science instrumentation - as part of our product portfolio.

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How to Take Care of Your New EXO Sonde?

August 20th 2018

Learn about the best practises on how to keep your EXO sondes in top shape. All from the experts at YSI!

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10 Critical Facts about Carbon Monoxide

August 17th 2018

The experts at Analox – leading company in custom gas detection solutions – have created a list of the top ten most essential facts about CO that you must know.

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Anglian Water Optimizes Water Treatment with THM Analyzer

August 16th 2018

Learn how the Trihalomethane Analyzer from Parker Hannifin helped the largest water company in England and Wales improve their processes.

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Get Trihalomethane Measurements in 30 minutes

August 15th 2018

Designed by water industry experts and end-users, the Parker THM Analyzer is a cost-effective, time-saving water disinfection by-product monitor.

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YSI’s 8 steps to Calibrate & Measure Ammonia ISEs in the Lab

August 14th 2018

Ammonia gas-sensing ion selective electrode (ISE) is a method of determining ammonia concentration in waste water applications.

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New version of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Carl Stuart Group

August 13th 2018

Learn about how the new ISO 9001:2015 Standard makes us a better ally for you and your business.

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Exeter Analytical - Our highly Skilled CHN analysis service

July 27th 2018

As a company dedicated to elemental microanalysis, we at Exeter Analytical have a long running history of CHN testing for over 25 years.

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Article on Sterility Testing Environments and the Vital Role of Isolators

July 16th 2018

Wickham Laboratories is pleased to announce our latest article published by Cleanroom Technology, “Isolator sterility put to the test,” written by our Sterility Section Head, Stacey Orley.

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