There are several toe nail fungus treatments that you can find today. The treatment methods range from DIY home remedies to drugs that can be prescribed by a doctor. Many of these treatments, mostly DIY ones, can have mixed results with different users. According to reports, some people experience severe side effects that can lead to death.

Preventing nail fungus

The rule of thumb is that; make sure you prevent the attack from nail fungus. That can be done by avoiding dangerous places like toilets and public showers. For those who like sharing nail files or clippers, the chances of contracting this virus are very high too. Now, what if a person has already been infected? Do you know what to do? If your answer is no, then let’s look at nail fungus treatment remedies.

Foot washing with water and some chemicals

Among the conventional methods that are used in treating nail fungus is a home remedy. The remedy will include a foot bath. When doing the foot bath practice, ensure that you add some ingredients that may help in killing the fungus that attacks the skin on the toe nails. The popular ingredient that many people prefer is vinegar mixed with olive oil. The mixture works due to the acidic properties in vinegar that protect your nails against infection and also prevent further spreading to other nails. In addition to vinegar, you can also use tea tree oil mixed with iodine.

Disadvantages of using home remedy foot wash

There is nothing wrong with doing any of these home remedies as long as they are effective. However, it is good to remember that these methods are time consuming because every foot bath lasts about 40 minutes per session per day for a few months to notice a significant improvement in your condition. That means the remedy will only work with people who are not too busy with their work schedule.

Go for scientific treatment methods.

With the above information, the alternate remedy is to use toe nail treatment medication that has a sound scientific foundation. To make sure you’re not wasting time on ineffective treatments, be sure to talk to your doctor and do some research that will assist you in distinguishing between science-based medication and common misconceptions. That way, you will get a long-lasting remedy for your problem.

Disadvantages of scientific toe nail treatment methods

During the process of your treatment, you will be forced to try different types of medications you may need to use when you go with your different nail fungus treatment options. That will force you to invest a certain amount of money, mostly when consulting various clinical officers. If you go for long without finding the right toe nail fungus medication, you will end up spending a lot of money.


To find a toe nail fungus treatment that gives you the benefits you need, you need to know the different risks and threats you face when taking all the available medications. You can’t ask about the most common nail fungus treatment and choose to use it. You should consider all the individual remedies and assess whether you will encounter specific problems with the particular solutions you will be using.