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BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd

What BLC can do for you...

BLC is the leading independent leather technology centre, working with hundreds of companies in over 40 countries. BLC are leather experts and deliver a range of leather related services. Established for over 90 years we have the technical pedigree in leather technology to ensure fast accurate solutions to technical, management or environmental leather problems.

Leather Testing

The only testing laboratory dedicated to leather testing, footwear testing, chemical testing and leather product testing. We are experts in all types of leather testing, from simple fastness tests to advanced analysis for odours and restricted substances in leather and associated materials including lead testing and REACH testing. Our aim is to provide test results within 3-5 days working days.

Footwear Testing

Offering a range of standard footwear testing in line with CEN standards on footwear. Footwear testing comprises whole shoe, leather, component and fit assessments. The UKAS accreditation for footwear testing reinforces BLC's competence, impartiality and performance capability.

Chemical Testing

Chemical testing of substances in leather is a specialist task due to the complex nature of the substrate.  BLC has considerable expertise in chemical testing and we are in a unique position with 90 years experience of leather and related products to identify the compounds that are likely to be present and provide solutions and advice when failures occur.

The key chemical tests for restricted substances that could be found in leather are:

  • Azo Dye testing
  • Chrome Vl testing
  • Formaldehyde testing
  • Heavy Metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, antimony, mercury, barium, selenium, etc)
  • Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates (NPEO)
  • Chlorinated Phenols


Biodegradability Testing

Biodegradability testing determines the potential rate of degradation by biological processes in the environment.  This specialist testing monitors visual appearance, chemical analysis and odour of leather and plastic materials.  Testing is conducted at our UKAS accredited laboratory and results are available within 45 days.

We can assess the biodegradability of leather and plastic materials against International standard ISO 20200:2004.

Leather Problem Solving

A strength of BLC is its leather specialisation and its ability to provide in-depth analysis of manufacturing or consumer problems. No matter how well production processes are managed and controlled, leather problems and leather faults do occur. BLC offers leather consulting services to cover all aspects of the leather supply chain. BLC has the leather experts and practical leather knowledge to identify and solve all leather faults.

Fastness tests

  • Light fastness (to Standard 6 on the Blue Wool Scale)
  • Rub fastness (wet & dry) (marring + transfer SLF 5)
  • Cold crack of finish
  • Finish adhesion (wet & dry) SLF 11, or PU adhesive
  • Perspiration or water fastness
  • Dry cleaning test (SDC Test)
  • Wash fastness IUF 423
  • Water spotting SLF 9
  • Martindale abrasion
  • Taber abrasion
  • PVC migration


For more information on the full range of leather services available from BLC see our About BLC page.

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