Choosing a Suitable Laboratory Equipment Supplier

October 5th 2015

Purchasing new equipment can a big decision for any laboratory.  Companies need to weigh up all the options, and think about not only the initial cost but the long term expected return on investment.  With so many suppliers out there, you need to make sure you choose the right one.

Here are a few things to consider when selecting your laboratory equipment supplier:

1) How long has the company been operating for? Are they new to the market?

Although all companies have to start somewhere, it is normally advisable to choose a well-established company for your laboratory equipment so that you can get the best possible service. You should look at the company’s reputation and response times, as you want to know you will be able to contact the company during specific hours.  

2) Does the company have a website?

These days it is very unusual for a company not to have a website.  You want to be able to have the company contact details easily accessible and be able to explore their products and services online.  

3) Are the products quality checked?

The quality of the products and services supplied is paramount.  Look for any quality management systems that the company might have in place.

4) Will they service the equipment they have supplied? Is there a warranty?

It is important to assess the support you will receive after your purchase.  Does the supplier you are looking at provide a warranty for the products? Do they offer service packages if you have any problems with your equipment in the future?  Maintaining your equipment after purchase is crucial to the overall productivity of your lab, the long-term performance of your equipment and your total cost of ownership. 

5) Are they knowledgeable?

It is important to be able to speak to the company in regards to the equipment you are intending to purchase. Are they able to answer your technical questions about the piece of equipment you are buying? And can you see a demonstration of the equipment before you purchase it? 

6) What are the price, payment terms and availability?

Obviously price and payment terms need to be considered when you are purchasing a new bit of laboratory equipment.  Look at how the price compares to the competitors, and see if there are any special features or extras that are provided.  If your requirement is urgent or needed by a certain date it is also important to consider the availability of the products.

Article written by a1-envirosciences, who have been at the forefront of supply and support of chemical analysis for over 45 years.

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